When going on a safari holiday for the first time one of the key considerations is always what to pack? If you are anything like me then there is a high chance you will over-pack working on the ‘what-if’ principle. Now, I have done around 40+ safaris, and to be honest…I still take too much!! However, I have learnt over time what I need to take and what I am likely to use the most so I have pulled together some of my key thoughts below 🧐

These days we are getting an increasing number of requests to recommend destinations that are either ‘off the beaten track’ or ‘up and coming’. As more and more people embrace travel around the world, there is a greater thirst from individuals to travel to more remote and undiscovered destinations. For a variety of reasons (war, poverty, bad infrastructure or religion to name a few) there are a large number of countries in Africa that are still off the usual tourist route.

As an independent tour operator focussing purely on Africa there is one question that i get asked a lot, and that is 'where do you recommend we visit?' Now this is not an easy question to answer! Africa is the second largest continent in the world, comprises 55 different countries and is around 11.7 million square miles in size. 

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